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Dialogue Writing Between Brother and Sister on Raksha Bandhan in English

Dialogue Writing Between Brother and Sister on Raksha Bandhan : In this article, we are providing Dialogue Writing Between Brother and Sister on Raksha Bandhan in English for Class 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12th.

    Dialogue Writing Between Brother and Sister on Raksha Bandhan

    (It is Raksha Bandan festival and the sister is about to tie a beautiful Rakhi on her brother’s wrist. The brother being younger is quite curious. He asks his sister many questions. The sister’s answers are quite convincing.)

    Sister : Here, sit in front of me, and I will tie this colourful Rakhi on your wrist.

    Brother : (Holding is wrist in front) Sister, why do sisters tie Rakhis on their brothers’ wrists?

    Sister : Well, dear brother this festival in our culture celebrates the sacred relationship of brother and sister. This day makes them feel special. Sisters and brothers are reminded the connection that exists between them.

    Brother : Dear sister mother says Rakhi is a thread of love and responsibilities, how?

    Sister : Mother means the thread of Rakhi signifies brotherly and sister love. It represents responsibility on both of us. You being my brother have the responsibility of looking after my safety, comfort, convenience, etc.; and I being your sister have the responsibility of looking after your interests. We have to stand by each other through thick and thin.

    Brother : Why do brother have to give gifts or money to their sisters on Rakhi?

    Sister : It is just a ceremony. It reminds the brother that he may have to bear the responsibility of the expenses of his sister’s education, wedding, or any other emergency that might crop in future. However, you are not bound to pay me any money. This is just symbolic of the future responsibilities.

    Brother : Oh I see. Thanks sister for the important information you have given me. I now realize the sanctity of this festival. I will endeavour to be an ideal brother to you.  

    Conversation Between Brother and Sister on Raksha Bandhan

    Sister : Brother, tomorrow is Raksha Bandhan, so come home on time.

    Brother : Oh no, not again. I will have to give you a gift again.

    Sister : No need to give a gift. Your love is enough for me.

    Brother : If you do not want a gift then why are you tying a rakhi?

    Sister : Sisters do not tie rakhi on their brother's wrists for a gift. All they need is their brother's love and a promise to stand by her in time of need.

    Brother : Is that so? Then no problem, I can make hundred promises.

    Sister : Do not joke about such an important matter. These festivals are not for fun, they teach us some good values.

    Brother : Sorry, I was only teasing you. I know the importance of this day. Do not worry, I will come on time tomorrow and will bring a gift too. And I promise to protect you always.

    Sister : Thank you.



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