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Dialogue Writing Between Two Passengers in Train

Dialogue Writing Between Two Passengers in Train : In this article, we are providing Dialogue Writing Between Two Passengers in Railway Station and Conversation between Two People in Railway Station for Class 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12th.

    Dialogue Writing Between Two Passengers in Train

    First Passenger: These days I feel so scared while travelling in the train.

    Second Passenger: I feel the same. Of late so many accidents have occurred that all people who travel in trains have become highly suspicious of safety.

    First Passenger : Every day there is some accident. Even yesterday 13 coaches got derailed and 5 people lost their life. 37 others were injured too.

    Second Passenger : I just fail to understand why the Railway Ministry is not taking the matter seriously.

    First Passenger : The Government can’t do any miracle in a month or two; the entire railway needs to be recreated. Our trains are quite outdated and obsolete.

    Second Passenger : It means the people will keep losing their lives! I feel the Government can really change it all if it makes it first priority.

    First Passenger : The change has already started. The Government has started replacing the obsolete trains with the new one. New, safer, stronger and lighter coaches are being made. Even the bullet train has been introduced. 

    Second Passenger : Let’s hope we get the opportunity to travel in these new trains soon.

    Dialogue Writing Between Two Passengers in Railway Station

    passenger 1 :good morning sir

    passenger 2 : good morning

    passenger 1 : Can u tell me how many hours will it take to reach delhi from here?

    passenger 2 : That will be 5 hrs from here sir

    passenger 1 : oh thank u very much sir

    passenger 2 : your welcome

    passenger 1 : where are u off to, may I ask??

    passenger 2 : I am off to delhi too. to attend my daughter's wedding

    passenger 1 : thats very good to hear. congratulations I am going there on business issue

    passenger 2 : oh I see. what sort of business do u do?

    passenger 1 : marketing sir

    passenger 2 : oh. well then ,good luck on ur visit

    passenger 1 : thank u very much sir

    Conversation between Two People in Railway Station

    Passenger 1: Excuse me, could you please tell me what is the expected time to reach Chennai ?

    Passenger 2: We are supposed to reach at 4:30pm at the Chennai Central Station.

    Passenger 1: Thank you sir. That was kind of you.

    Passenger 2: You are welcome. Where are you from, may I ask?

    Passenger 1: I am from Madurai. I am going for my friend's wedding. I have to reach there by 6.00pm.

    Passenger 2: Oh, That's great! Congratulate him on my behalf. I am off to meet my uncle who has just retired from the Navy.

    Passenger 1: Ah, I see a strict man there! By the way, I see that the train has come to hault. I hope to buy some vada from here.

    Passenger 2: Okay. You may proceed. I would like to go to the washroom. See you later !

    Passenger 1: See you later !

    Dialogue Writing Between Two People in Railway Station

    Passenger 1: hhhh! well its too late for train , isn't it ?

    Passenger 2: yeah! yesterday it was raining heavily. that's why.

    Passenger 1: oh!

    Passenger 1: I didn't introduce you. my name is XYZ. AND YOUR..?

    Passenger 2: My name is ABC.   nice to meet you ..

    Passenger 1:me too. where do you live?

    Passenger 2: near main street . and you ??

    Passenger 1: near high vision university.

    Passenger 2: oh !! then you come from university.

    Passenger 1: yeah !!  what work  are you doing?

    Passenger 2: civil engineering.. and you ??

    Passenger 1:advertising ..

    Passenger 2: oh! that's great! it was nice to meet you..

    Passenger 1: oh! yeah! now station came.hope  we will meet again .bye

    Passenger 2: hope so. have a nice day.



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