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Dialogue Writing Between Reporter and Politician

Dialogue Writing Between Reporter and Politician : In this article, we are providing Dialogue Writing Between Reporter and Politician and Conversation Between Reporter / Journalist and Politician for Class 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12th.

    Dialogue Writing Between Reporter and Politician

    News Reporter: Good morning sir. Welcome to our show.

    Politician: Good morning. Thank you for inviting me.

    News Reporter: What is the importance of our country's Independence?

    Politician: We'll know the real importance of country's Independence if we lose it. We'll face the many problems without our country's Independence.

    News Reporter: So, you are saying that the country's Independence is valuable. Our country has not got its complete Independence.

    Politician: What? We have got Independence from British people many years ago.

    News Reporter: We still have many problems like poverty, unemployment, caste system etc. which are becoming barriers for out country's development.

    Politician: Yes, we have many problems. What can I do for that?

    News Reporter: You can encourage others to prevent these problems.

    Politician: Yes, I will be the part of the change.

    Conversation Between Reporter and Politician

    Reporter : sir good morning! I am from aajtak news and I wanted to know whether you will in the upcoming elections? 

    Politician : Good morning! I can not say whether I will win or not? But I know that public will choose the best candidate.

    Reporter : sir ! By the way how many rallies have you completed? 

    Politician : I have completed 10 rallies in our state and I am still doing on. 

    Reporter : sir we got information that you are doing gathbandhan with other parties? 

    Politician : No its not true.... I think my opponent party have gave this information. But only the public knows how I am and i have full faith on them.

    Reporter : sir thankyou very much for talking.

    Politician : thank you!!

    Dialogue Writing Between Journalist and Politician

    Journalist: Respected Sir, please could you give me a few minutes.

    Politician: "Sure, what is it you want to know?"

    Journalist: "Sir, everyone is talking about the work your party is doing to help the people of the flood hit areas."

    Politician: "Yes, our party members are doing a lot to help them."

    Journalist: "Could you please tell me some of the ways in which they are helping the people."

    Politician: "We are giving them Rs. 10,000 each and are also giving them medical help."

    Journalist: "Are you doing the work in collaboration with some medical agency?"

    Politician: "Yes, the Charitable Association has sent a team of doctors to assist in this work."

    Journalist: "Thank you for the valuable information."

    Conversation Between Journalist and Politician

    Journalist: Hello, Sir, First of all, thank you very much for taking time out for us. 

    Politician: You are welcome. 

    Journalist: What first motivated you to get into politics? 

    Politician: I had a keen interest in politics since my teenage, especially social care which made me aware of the role which politicians play to in shaping the community. 

    Journalist: Why should voters support your party? 

    Politician: In my opinion we are the only political party who is fair with their policies and fulfils the promises we make with public. 

    Journalist: What one policy you think will make the difference to the lives of people? 

    Politician: Our commitment to making the lives of children better, and providing the education to the poor. 

    Journalist: If you had to pick an issue which is not being addressed by the government what would it be? 

    Politician: More than anything else we need to keep the differences of the individuals in mind while  making the policies. Human rights and the needs of people should be the foremost aim while making policies. 

    Journalist: Any final reflections you would like to share? 

    Politician: I am working hard for the next elections, measures are being taken for Labor rights. It will be inclined to a shift in a way we all do politics.



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