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Dialogue Writing Between Doctor and Patient

Dialogue Writing Between Doctor and Patient : In this article, we are providing Dialogue Writing Between Doctor and Patient about Headache, Fever, stomach pain and Flu / Sore throat for Class 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12th.

    Dialogue Writing Between Doctor and Patient about Headache

    Patient : Good morning, sir!

    Doctor : Very good morning, take your seat.

    Doctor : Tell me your problem.

    Patient : Sir, I have a headache

    Doctor : What else other than a headache?

    Patient : There is nothing else but a headache.

    Doctor : How many days have you been suffering from a headache?

    Patient : I have been suffering for the last 3 days.

    Doctor : Do you drink enough water?

    Patient : yes, sir!

    Doctor : Did you take any medicine for it?

    Patient : No. I didn’t.

    Doctor : I’ll give you tablets. Take one tablet after food at night for 5 days.

    Patient : O.K. Thank you, sir!

    Doctor : Pay consultancy fee Rupees 200/

    Patient : take it sir,

    Dialogue Writing Between Doctor and Patient about Fever

    Patient : Good morning, Dr. Sharma!

    Doctor : Good morning! What’s wrong with you?

    Patient : I have been suffering from fever since yesterday.

    Doctor : Do you have any other symptoms?

    Patient : I also feel headache and shivering.

    Doctor : Let me take your temperature. At this time the fever is 102 degree. Don’t worry, there is nothing serious. I am giving you the medicine, and you will be all right in couple of days.

    Patient : Thank you, doctor.

    Doctor : But get your blood tested for malaria, and come with the report tomorrow.

    Patient : OK doctor.

    Doctor : I shall recommend at least two days rest for you.

    Patient : Would you prepare a medical certificate for me to submit it in my office?

    Doctor : Oh sure…………. This is your medical certificate.

    Patient : Thank you very much. Please tell me how shall I take this medicine?

    Doctor : This medicine is for one day only. Take this dose as soon as you reach your home and the second at 3 pm and the third at night before sleeping.

    Patient : What should I eat doctor?

    Doctor : You should eat only light food. You can take milk and fresh fruit also.

    Patient : How much shall I pay you doctor?

    Doctor : You can pay consultation fee at the reception desk.

    Patient :  Thanks doctor.

    Doctor : It’s all right.

    MR. JAMES : Thank you doctor. I shall see you tomorrow with my blood report

    Dialogue Writing Between Doctor and Patient about stomach pain

    Doctor: Hello! What can I do for you?

    Patient: Good Morning Doctor. I don’t feel good.

    Doctor: Come and sit here.

    Doctor: Open your mouth.

    Doctor: Since how long are you not feeling well?

    Patient: Since yesterday.

    Doctor: No problem. Did you have motions yesterday?

    Patient: No Doctor. I have a really bad stomach ache.

    Patient: Doctor I feel weak and do not feel like eating.

    Doctor: Ok. And what else?

    Patient: I feel like vomiting.

    Doctor: Do you drink a lot of water?

    Patient: No Doctor, I don’t have water too much.

    Doctor: Did you take any medicine?

    Patient: Yes Doctor, I took a Crocin.

    Doctor: who asked you to take it?

    Patient: No one Doctor. I took it myself.

    Doctor: why did you take it?

    Patient: Because I felt a headache.

    Doctor: Nothing to be worried at.

    Doctor: Do you need quick relief?

    Patient: No Doctor. It is enough you give me medicines for now.

    Dialogue Writing Between Doctor and Patient about Flu / Sore throat

    Patient: Good evening doctor.

    Doctor: Good evening. You look pale and your voice is out of tune.

    Patient: Yes doctor. I’m running a temperature and have a sore throat.

    Doctor: Lemme see.

    (He touches the forehead to feel the temperature.)

    Doctor: You’ve moderate fever.

    (He then whips out a thermometer.)

    Patient: This thermometer is very different from the one you used the last time. (Unlike the earlier one which was placed below the tongue, this one snapped around one of the fingers.)

    Doctor: Yes, this is a new introduction by medical equipment companies. It’s much more convenient, as it doesn’t require cleaning after every use.

    Patient: That’s awesome.

    Doctor: Yes it is.

    (He removes the thermometer and looks at the reading.)

    Doctor: Not too high – 99.8.

    (He then proceeds with measuring blood pressure.)

    Doctor: Your blood pressure is fine.

    (He then checks the throat.)

    Doctor: It looks bit scruffy. Not good.

    Patient: Yes, it has been quite bad.

    Doctor: Do you get sweating and shivering?

    Patient: Not sweating, but I feel somewhat cold when I sit under a fan.

    Doctor: OK. You’ve few symptoms of flu. I would suggest you undergo blood test. Nothing to worry about. In most cases, the test come out to be negative. It’s just precautionary, as there have been spurt in malaria cases in the last month or so.

    (He then proceeds to write the prescription.)

    Doctor: I’m prescribing three medicines and a syrup. The number of dots in front of each tells you how many times in the day you’ve to take them. For example, the two dots here mean you’ve to take the medicine twice in the day, once in the morning and once after dinner.

    Doctor: Do you’ve any other questions?

    Patient: No, doctor. Thank you.



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