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Co-education : its advantages and disadvantages / Essay on Co Education is Good or Bad ?

Co-education : its advantages and disadvantages / Essay on Co Education is Good or Bad ?

Co-education is that education in which boys and girls read in a common college and sit together in the same classes. Co-education was not prevalent in ancient India. It is of recent origin. It is a foreign system. In ancient India, boys and girls of young age were kept separate from each other. This was thought essential to maintain the purity of their character. That is why so many of our elders are against co-education. They point out many defects of this system of education. Some of them are given below.

When young boys and girls come closer to each other, they care more for each other than for their books. They get busy in making friends with each other. The boys chase their girl class-fellows on their cycles. Sometimes, they even deceive their parents. Under one or the other pretext, they remain away from their homes and enjoy the company of their friends of the opposite sex in the cinema hall. The precious time of study is thus lost owing to sex attraction.

Inside classrooms, the students try to attract the attention of their friends of the opposite sex. They become absent-minded. Boys keep combs in their pockets and dress up their hair off and on, even while the teacher is lecturing. All sorts of motions, gestures, and signs are made in the class. This is decidedly a sign of indiscipline. The entire atmosphere of co-educational institutions is one of indiscipline.

The evil effects of co-education on character cannot be denied. Purity of character is impossible is such an atmosphere. Such educational institutions are, more or less, fashion places. Girls and boys of such colleges try to be heroes and heroines of the cinema. The latest fashions are imitated. In fact, all sorts of undesirable habits are formed and good qualities of character are sacrificed.

In spite of all this, all is not bad with co-education. In free democratic India, girls cannot be denied education. Along with the boys, girls also must be educated. Now, to run separate schools, in spite of an inadequate number of girl students, is uneconomical. Separate institutions for girls should be established only at big places where sufficient number of girls are always forthcoming to seek admissions. Through co-education much wastage is avoided and the cause of female education also does not suffer.

Co-education is good from the social point of view also. Young boys and girls get good opportunity to understand with each other. They have to work in different walks of life in co-operation with each other. So, through co-education, a healthy spirit of working together
 is developed. Some of these young students choose their life-partners from among their class fellows. In this way, the problem of marriage for many parents is solved. Boys and girls educated together prove more successful in their family and social life. This is due to the understanding of each other’s psychology which they get during the period of their education.

Keeping in view all the good and bad points of co-education we must say that we cannot totally reject it. There is no harm in educating girls and boys together in primary classes. They can study there as brothers and sisters. Co-education is dangerous for the boys and girls of High School and Inter classes. At this age, several physical and mental changes take place. During this period, students must not be allowed to go astray. Total separation from each other is essential. Hence, co-education does not suit this age group. Again, in university classes co-education may be allowed. By this stage boys and girls become sufficiently mature. They begin to understand their good and bad. So co-education can do no harm to them.



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