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Letter To Your Friend Telling Him About Your Ambition in Life

Letter To Your Friend Telling Him About Your Ambition in Life

7824-B, Katra Nawabda,
R.A.R. Subzi Mandi,
DELHI – 110007
My Dear Surendra,
I am in receipt of your affectionate letter. It is always a pleasure for me to hear from a dear friend like you, whom I have not met for such long time. My dear, when do you intend to return to your own loving friend?
Letter To Your Friend Telling Him About Your Ambition in Life
You have asked me about my dreams and ambitions. Every person has his own desires, and his own aims for the future. Some people run after wealth. They become doctors so that within only a few years they may have cars and big “kothies". Others are ambitious for position and power. They try to seek Government jobs and become I.A.S. officers. I, for one, have no such ambitions. My ambition in life is to become an engineer and serve my motherland in that capacity.

There are various reasons for having engineering as my ambition in life. I feel that as an engineer, I would have greater opportunities of serving my motherland than in any other capacity. India has been on the road to economic development for the last forty years or more. Much has been done, but much more still remains to be done, Our economic development has not been so rapid as it should have been. It is, mainly the death of qualified engineers that has held back the progress of the country. Late Mr. Nehru was never tired of emphasising the urgent need of engineers for the country. So, I feel that I should be an engineer and do my bit for my nation.

India lacks trained hands, and depends to a very great extent on foreigners. Moreover, whatever engineers there are, they are mostly corrupt, dishonest and insincere. They do not care to do their duty; they are more interested in feathering their own nests than in the good of their motherland. Dams, bridges, roads and houses constructed under the supervision of such engineers are worthless. They do not last; they fall or crack within no time. It is so because the material meant for these works is sold in the market and fills the pockets of these corrupt engineers. They thrive while the nation suffers. My ambition in life is to become an honest engineer and make others also honest and dutiful by my own example and influence. My ambition is to root out corruption and dishonesty from this profession, as far as it may lie within my power, It is my daily prayer that God may make me an engineer and also successful in my ambition of doing away with dishonesty and corruption. The building up of our motherland is a mighty adventure and I want to enjoy this adventure to the fullest extent.

There are other reasons also why engineering is my ambition in life. I have never liked table work and have always preferred out-door life. No he profession provides us with so many opportunities of living in the open, in the company of the grandeur and majesty of nature, as this profession. As an engineer, l would be constantly out in the open, Working for my country both in rain and sunshine, Besides this, engineers are constantly on the move. They cannot be at one place for any length of time. As soon as some construction work at one place is completed, they must move on to some other place to take up borne fresh work, In this way, engineers get an opportunity of seeing their motherland from one end to the other. They meet new people and enjoy new scenes and sight. I feel that life of an engineer is a glorious adventure throughout, Hence, I aspire, for it.

To achieve my ambition, I am working hard for a good division in the Intermediate examination. As soon as the examinations are over, I would prepare whole heartedly for the competition for various engineering institutions, with your good wishes and the blessings of God, I am confident of success.
Rest is as usual. Do let me hear from you more frequently.

yours sincerely




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