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Write A Letter To Your Friend Importance Of Physical Exercise

Write A Letter To Your Friend About Importance Of Physical Exercise

32, Rani Rashmoni Road
P.O. Jadavpur
18 October, 20xx
Letter To Your Friend About Importance Of Physical Exercise
My dear Nitin,
Thank you very much for your sweet letter. I am happy to learn that you have recovered from your prolonged illness. I wish you good health for all times to come. However, one thing you must keep in mind. You should attach importance to physical fitness. By physical fitness, I don’t merely mean being free from diseases. Rather you must be physically and mentally fit and be able to live a meaningful life. You can do this by following three things at the same time—balanced died, regular physical exercise and sound sleep. These are the three elementary requisites for building up a strong body and a sound mind. You are well aware of the wise saying that ‘health is the first wealth’. By ‘health’ we mean total physical and mental balance that a human being craves for and which is necessary in the present competitive world. Yoga is a complete way to attain physical and mental fitness. You can adopt it for a healthy lifestyle.

Yours ever
Ratan pal



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