Friday, 5 July 2019

Short Essay on Corporal Punishment in Schools

Short Essay on Corporal Punishment in Schools

Corporal punishment has been in vogue in schools for a long time now. “Spare the rod and spoil the child” has been a common thinking among teachers. However, modern educationists are of the opinion that corporal punishment has no role to play in our education system. This is an evil practice and does more harm than good. It creates in the learners a sense of fear and inferiority complex. This affects their mental growth. In some measure, this is responsible for children dropping out of education. Corporal punishment impairs the sweet and sacred relationship between the teacher and the taught. It has a demoralizing effect on the minds of the learners. Love and sympathy, care and consideration are the things that a student should receive from his teachers. There are ways to reform a child if he proves to be a tough child for teachers, and the most effective way is to have the understanding of a child’s psychology. Let us hope that our teachers adopt psychological techniques to deal with their students and help them become able citizens and successful professionals in life who can contribute to the progress of the country and world.



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