Tuesday, 2 July 2019

Paragraph on Importance of Studying History

Paragraph on Importance of Studying History

History is the story and description of the past. We have reached our present what our history has made us during the course of civilization. History records the onwards march of civilization. It deals with the past that wonderfully answers the claims of the present. They study of history helps us to relive the past, review the present and reinforce the future. Besides, history in a sense is the overt confession of the erring humanity. It is not a mere catalogue of facts. So, reading history persuades us to reinforce the right things and undo the wrong things of our forefathers. It also enriches our experience and widens our vision. For example, we can learn from history that the regime of a ruthless ruler does not last long. Side by side, history develops our sense of indebtedness to those who have upheld the cause of humanity. Hence it is wisely said that ‘history is clarified experience’. It is indeed the life of memory, the teacher for life. To conclude, studying history is both delightful and useful so that we can lead our life to a proper direction.



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