Sunday, 2 June 2019

Short Essay / Article on Criminalisation and politics

Short Essay / Article on Criminalisation and politics

Presently a new trend in Indian politics is clearly visible which adversely impacts the proper functioning of the polity. It is the nexus between criminals and politicians. And the latest trend of the criminals themselves joining the ranks of politicians is even more disturbing and has far-reaching consequences. Politicians of the past used to win the heart of the people with their work and goodwill, but politicians of today seek to gain power by the use of money and muscle power by the use of money and muscle power ad by making the people into submission. Criminal elements thrive on wrongdoing and they need someone to keep the police off their back. They also need the cooperation of the bureaucracy to regularize their illegal pursuit of power. What matters to them most is the end, and not the means. Collusion of politicians with criminals has appeared on the political firmament and it is holding the country to ransom. If this is allowed to go on indefinitely, the future of the country seems bleak.

Urgent action is required to restore the sagging confidence of the people in the very existence of democratic institutions. It is time to weed out the criminal elements from their parties. The need of the hour is to reform the political system, and in this the first task is to introduce some qualifications for the leaders, such as age-limit, educational qualifications and clean record. The Election Commission will have to act sternly against the tainted people, only then the confidence of the people can be resotred.



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