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IF I Were A Millionaire Essay for Class 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8

IF I Were A Millionaire Essay for Class 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8

IF I Were A Millionaire Essay for Class 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8
Money has assumed very important proportions in today’s life, but it is only a means and not an end in itself. However, some people consider it the end of their life. As for me, I too wish to possess a large amount of money so that I may use it not only for my own personal good but also for the welfare of the people. I cannot undertake many of my welfare schemes for the society for want of money. 

If a rich relative of mine had died and left me great riches, making me a millionaire, I would find myself in the shoes of a millionaire. It would bring my hidden desires to the fore. I would at once start using this money according to my own schemes of social welfare.

There is no facility for medical education in my town, as well as no adequate facilities for the treatment of the sick. My first act of public good would be to provide a medical college and first class public hospital for the free treatment of the poor. 

At present, there is no system of the bringing up young orphan children. Many widows and old people are also thrown out on the streets by their selfish relatives. Their lives become wretched. If I were a multimillionaire, I would establish separate homes for orphans, widows, old people and handicapped people. This would help my town become free from various social evils. 

In winter, I often see the poor shivering with cold in the open pavements without any woollen clothes on their bodies. I would help these people by providing night shelters in different parts of the town, where these people can pass their nights. I would also make arrangements for the free distribution of blankets, quits, jackets etc. to the needy and the poor. 

Keeping in with the good, old tradition of my country, I would also contribute a Dharamshala or a inn for people coming from outside the town. They would find shelter in it. This could also be used for marriage celebrations by the poor people. I would also make arrangements for a good Gaushala, where good quality cows would be bred. 

I would also put regular food stalls for the poor and the hungry, where they would eat for free.

This was the most pleasant dream that I have ever experienced. If I were a multimillionaire, I would spend my money n the manner as described above. 



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