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Essay on Science and Religion in English

Essay on Science and Religion in English

Science and Religion Essay for Class 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10. Find similarities and conflicts between science and religion in this essay on Science and Religion in English for your Kids, Children and Students.

Religion is the expression of the inner-self of man while science looks after the outer life of man. So, both science and religion are essential for him. They contribute to make a man’s life comfortable and peaceful. Many people believe that science and religion are contrary to each other. This is not the right way to think. As matter of fact, both are complementary to each other. The aim of both of these is to explain different aspects of life, universe and human existence.

Doubtlessly, science and religion deal with different aspects of life. They employ different methods. They think differently. The method of science is observation, experiment and experience. Science takes recourse to progressive march towards perfection. The tools of religions are faith, intuition and the spoken word of the enlightened. No deviation from the set course is generally permissible, though some rationalistic religious leaders allow questioning and give satisfactory answers to them.

Thus, while science is inclined towards reason and rationalization, spiritualism is the essence of religion.

In the earliest times, man was over-awed by violent or powerful natural phenomena, so he started the worship of forces of nature like fire, sun, rivers, rocks, trees, snakes and the like. Later magic appeared on the stage. Clever magicians and then priests held the common people to ransom. The holy scriptures were written by those who had developed harmony between external nature and their inner-self. Their object was to ennoble, elevate and liberate the human spirit and mind. But the priestly class took upon itself the monopoly of scriptural knowledge and interpreted them to its own advantage, as the common people were mostly uneducated and illiterate. Thus, the entire human race was bound I chains. Truth was flouted. Progressive, liberal and truthful ideas were suppressed, so were suppressed the ideas expressing doubt and skepticism.

Science emerged as the savior of mankind in these trying times. But its path was not smooth always. Scientists and free thinkers were tortured as we can see from the fate of Copernicus, Galileo and many others. However, science gained ground gradually. The people at last accepted that the sun did not revolve round the earth, nor was the earth the centre of the universe. Darwin’s theory of the origin of species shattered the theory of divine origin and hence superiority of man.

As religion degenerated into orthodoxy and tyranny, science brought in the forces of destruction I the shape of terrible and diabolical war weapons.

Religion soothes the mind and science comforts the body However, there are destructive elements in both. Religion has given rise to many fanatics who want to rule the world and destroy all others, of course, with the help of science.

The need of the hour is proper blending of science and religion. Man should try try understand that while science is necessary to fulfil physical needs, religion is essential for inner peace. There is no intrinsic antagonism between the two. These two should be blended to make human life happier. 



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