Tuesday, 25 June 2019

Essay on Importance of MID DAY MEALS in 200 Words

Essay on Importance of MID DAY MEALS in 200 Words

Illiteracy is a blot on our society. Many of our ills arise out of illiteracy, including overpopulation, crime and communal-ism. So, the government makes an effort to attract all children to school, and the program of midday meals is a step in this direction. In this, cooked food is provided to the students of primary schools everyday. The introduction of midday meals is an important step for the success of the program ‘Sarva Shiskha Abhiyan’ (or Education For All), which has been launched all over country to get rid of the curse of illiteracy. It is a fact that every year a large number of students drop out from schools due to poverty, as parents think it better to make their children tools for earning some paltry money. This is mainly caused by abject poverty of the learners who, in their early years, turn into child workers. Besides, most of the children suffer from malnutrition. The midday meal scheme would arrest the number of drop-out cases and provide the underprivileged students with nutritious food. The successful implementation of the program rests on the coordinated efforts of all those involved in it. Thus, the midday meals scheme solves many problems at one go-illiteracy, malnutrition and drop-out cases.



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