Sunday, 16 June 2019

Essay on Forest (Tree) Conservation for Class 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10

Essay on Forest (Tree) Conservation for Class 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10

Essay on Forest (Tree) Conservation for Class 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10
Trees give us many things : oxygen, food, wood, medicines and other articles. When many trees are located nearby, they form a forest. A forest is called green gold, and rightly so, because it is very advantageous to us. All animals, whether they eat plants or not, are dependent on plants, directly or indirectly. We cannot survive without trees. Therefore, it becomes essential that these forests are conserved.

This green gold is not safe today. Trees are cut down for different needs. Farmers in different places have cleared forests in order to get land for farming. They cultivate on a tract of land for three-four years and then abandon it. And once again they clear another land of forest of farming. This had continued for centuries. Clearing land for farming does not have a great impact on the forests, because the land abandoned is used for growing trees once again.

However, the forests are cut down for many other purposes and it becomes difficult to recover the land back to forests. For example, when trees are cut down on a large scale for wood, little attention is paid for growing new plants in their place. Similarly, forests are cleared for building dams, roads, railway lines etc. In addition, forests are cleared for increasing population all over the world. Forest fires are also an important cause of the destruction of forests. Let us tell you that 2000 trees are cut down every minute worldwide. 

An important cause of deforestation is the location of forests. Most of the forests are located in developing countries. These countries take loan from the rich countries. In order to pay back these loans, these countries cut down and export wood. This results in very large scale deforestation.

When forests are cleared, many other problems are also faced. The first effect is on the soil. The tree roots bind the soil together. In their absence, the soil cannot be kept together. So it is easily washed away with rainwater.

Green plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. This result in air-conditioning of the environment. When forests are cleared, it results in heating up of the environment. This results in global warming.

Forests are home to a large variety of plants, animals and people. When they are gone, these plants, animals and people are also lost.

Many plants have medical value, but forests are cleared without taking care to conserve the medicinal plants. The people are suffering from a large number of diseases, and cure for many of them cannot be found because these medicinal plants have been cut down and destroyed. All types of plants have not yet been studied for their medicinal value.

When forests are cut down, a large number of wildlife species are also lost because their habitat is also destroyed.

Many tribes live in forests. When forests are cleared, these people have no means of sustenance, and they also perish.

In India, many efforts have been made to conserve trees. The government and many other organizations do their bit to conserve trees. We have to make effort to conserve trees. We cannot hope to survive for long if the trees continue to be cut down. It is our duty to conserve trees. We can do it in many ways:

  1. Plant a tree on your every birthday and look after it afterwards.
  2. Try to reduce the use of wood in furniture and building.
  3. Use recycled paper.
  4. Avoid any wastage of paper.
  5. Start a school project to spread awareness about the need and importance of planting trees.



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