Saturday, 29 June 2019

Essay on Fashion for Class 8, 9, 10, 11 & 12

Essay on Fashion for Class 8, 9, 10, 11 & 12

Men and women have, since time immemorial, made an effort to look good and smart. Being fashionable means to make an effort to look modern and up to date. It is connected with a feeling. It makes a person think how he can look smart and beautiful/handsome. Different people think in different ways. This is the reason that there are many types of fashions in the world.

The phenomenon of fashion is generally evident in different dresses, hairstyles, clothes and jewellery. However, in the present times, it has also to do with latest technological appliances such as mobile phones, laptops and such other things. Fashion is an effort to make oneself look attractive.

Fashion is a dynamic concept. It changes every now and then. Actors and actresses in various films are the great pioneers in this field. Young men and women try to ape whatever they see in films. The modern would has become more of a global village due to information revolution which has increased interaction among people of different nations, leading to imbibing lifestyle habits of one another.

The craze for fashions is more rampant in cities and towns; but modern villages are also catching up gradually. School and college boys and girls are more prone to fashion. In this field, girls have stolen a march over boys. Boys move about like icons and girls like fairies. Sometimes, they put on dresses of the opposite sex and have the same hairstyle, such that it is very difficult to tell a boy from a girl.

Fashion goes on changing every day and every minute. It is very tight-fitting clothes at one time, and then come the bell-bottoms, followed by loosers, jeans and baggy trousers. Sometimes, a pair of trousers will have as many pockets as there will not be the number of pens a student may have. Sometimes, the clothes worn by girls are too gaudy and obsence.

Fashion and career should go hand in hand. Only extrovert fashion cannot make somebody really smart. It should be coupled with the qualities of head and heart to match. It is not understandable when our youth will realize that wearing clean, charming but simple clothes is a better way to manifest one’s personality. Let our youth learn how to spend their time more usefully and constructively in the national interest than on time consuming but quickly changing fashions introduced by tailors and boutiques. Our young people waste so much time and money on brushing themselves up instead of concentrating on their studies, arts, sports and extramural activities which can lead to all-round development of their personality assisting them to attain higher goals of life.



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