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Essay on Cinema Entertains and Educates

Essay on Cinema Entertains and Educates

Cinema is a wonder of the present modern age. It is a cheap source of entertainment and education. Our life is dull and busy. We want some relief from our monotonous routine work which cinema provides. Cinema is one of the most popular means of entertainment. It comprises of beautiful scenes, melodious songs and thrilling acts of adventure which make us happy and forget the real world for some time at the least. 

Cinema is an important means of recreation. We can say that it is the only means of recreation for the poor masses of India. It is cheap and within the reach of every common man. 

Films cater to the people of all tastes. Music, dance, dialogue and story are all combined in one, so that everyone can find something to entertain himself in a film. 

Cinema has its educative value too A good film teaches us lots of lessons in morality. Different films teach us about history, geography biology, hygiene and other things. We can see new countries, rivers, mountains etc. in a film. We see different dresses, customs, festivals etc. of people in different regions and countries. A film can teach us valuable lessons in literature, philosophy and economics. Moreover, teaching through it is more lasting than teaching through books. 

Cinema is a very valuable asset to educationists in imparting knowledge. Film companies produce historical films from time to time and there are of great assistance to a teacher of history. The plays and novels of great writers have been filmed, such as those of Shakespeare’s dramas and comedies. We thereby gain a better idea of the play than it would be possible from a casual reading of a book. 

The great importance of cinema lies in the use of films in the teaching of science and technology. There are some educational film companies which devote their time to the filming of lives and habits of animals, insects, fishes, germs and numerous other forms of life. We can see the hatching f eggs of fish and their development into large fishes. We can watch the activity of many kinds of germs and their effect on water, milk or blood. We can watch the opening and closing of flowers and leaves and the growth of grass and weeds. All these actions and movements are greatly magnified on the screen. Such pictures are intensely interesting and are a great help in the cause of education. 

Despite so many advantages, cinema has its share of disadvantages too. It creates dissatisfaction with society, one’s parents and status in life. In most of the films, the hero and the heroine are often shown rolling in wealth. They live in big ad well furnished uses, drive the most expensive cars and have the most fashionable clothes to wear. They seem to have nothing to do except make love and enjoy. All this sow of wealth and comfort naturally makes those viewers dissatisfied who are not so favourably placed. They also want to enjoy life just like the characters of the film; and hence lose all happiness in their present life. This effect of cinema is clearly seen in the behaviour of a large number of boys and girls who run away from their homes to become heroes and heroines. 

Cinema contributes to increase crime. New methods of community crime are often filmed. Many films glorify the career of a criminal. He is often represented as a great hero who does brave deeds. This obviously has an adverse effect, especially on those delicate minds who cannot think rationally. Cinema has an adverse effect on the morals too. The lure of cinema is so great with boys that they often steal money to buy tickets and often tell a lie to their parents. Students may often be seen bunking their classes in order to enjoy a matinee containing vulgar songs, dances and stories. 

In conclusion, we cannot term cinema as entirely good or bad. In fact, it depends on the viewer weather he picks up a good point from it or a bad point. The film makers too should be cautious to not show any such scenes which might have adverse impact on the delicate minds. 



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