Friday, 10 May 2019

Short Paragraph on Social Security

Short Paragraph on Social Security

Shakespeare aptly says, “He also serves who stands at the door.” The Society needs all types of services and jobs, and their different working conditions earn them different types of incomes. In such a case, a poor mason or a rickshaw puller cannot hope to have social security, that is, he has nothing to fall back upon after his body fails to work. Ask a common man what he would like to do for his livelihood. All those who have little or nothing to fall back upon would say that they would prefer a government job. The only reason they would ascribe for it is the job security and the provision of pension in old age.  It is incumbent upon the state to make sure that all citizens enjoy job and social security, especially in old age when their incomes are low and medical bills mount. It is all the more necessary for women who may find themselves unable to work in case of widowhood or absence of children. it has been seen that those who enjoy social security behave more rationally; and those on the other side of the fence are prone to turbulent conduct, if not to criminal activities. A person behind the veil of social security is certainly able to employ his mind in creative activities better than the person the other way round.



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