Saturday, 25 May 2019

Short Essay on Rahim Das in English

Short Essay on Rahim Das in English

Rahim Das was born in 1556 in Lahore. The full name of Rahim Das was Abdurrahim Khan-e-Khana. Rahim Das was one of the nine important ministers also known as the Navaratnas in the court of the Mughal Emperor Akbar. He was the son of Bairam Khan and Salima Sultana Begum. Rahim's father Bairam Khan was the mentor of Akbar. Rahim Das was a skilled commander, diplomat, poet and scholar. He was raised by Akbar as his son-in-law. At the age of sixteen, he married to Mahbano Begum. Rahim had a good knowledge of Arabic, Persian, Sanskrit and Hindi. He used Avadhi and Brajbhasha in his compositions. Rahim was honored with the title of Mir-Arz by Akbar. In 1583, he was appointed teacher of the princes Salim. Rahim Das Ji was a devotee of Lord Krishna while being a Muslim. Rahim Dohawali, Barwai and Madanashak are his main works. At the age of 70, Rahim died in 1626 AD. His tomb is situated in Nizamuddin East on the Mathura road.



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