Friday, 24 May 2019

Short Essay on Jackfruit / 5 Sentences about Jackfruit

Short Essay on Jackfruit / 5 Sentences about Jackfruit

The scientific name of jackfruit is Artocropus heterophyllus. The cultivation of jackfruit is widely used all over India. Jackfruit is the national fruit of Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. A ripe jackalfruit is eaten as a fruit while raw jackfruit is used as a vegetable. Usually jackfruit is used in Indian cuisine. The height of the jackfruit tree can be up to 20 meters. The pulp of jackfruit fruit is starchy and fibrous. Jackfruit is the state fruit of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. The bark of the jackfruit tree is red-brown and smooth. In case of injury to the bark, a milky juice emerges. The ripe jackfruit is naturally sweet in taste. Ripe fruit seeds are edible, and often have sweet taste. Seeds are used either by boiling or roasting in the fire. The jackfruit has a special sweet and bitter aroma. Jackfruit is the source of vitamins, minerals and fibers.



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