Friday, 10 May 2019

Paragraph Communal Harmony in India

Paragraph Communal Harmony in India

India is a land of diversities. It is a secular state, where all religions and communities can flourish and prosper side by side. The state is committed to communal harmony. Here people of all religions and beliefs have been living peacefully for a long time. Unfortunately this traditionally peace-loving country is sometimes plagued by communal problems. It all happens as some fanatical zealots indulge in torturing the people of other religions. The alarming rise of fundamentalism is a great concern to the nation. Almost all the states of our country suffer from religious intolerance. Inter-communal relationship suffers a breach in this vitiated atmosphere, Our unity, integrity and solidarity are now at stake. It hampers the growth of the nation at every step. It is our duty to uphold the spirit of communal harmony under all circumstances. We must understand that the seeds of communal discord were sowed by the British under their policy of ‘divide and rule’ so that they could rule us effectively. But now we are the masters of our own fate, and we must give up such narrow thinking in the national interests.



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