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Essay on Population Explosion in India

Essay on Population Explosion in India

Population Explosion refers to sudden increase in population. India is facing many problems, Population Explosion is one of them. Today the world's population is more than seven billion. The population of India alone is around 1 billion and 35 million. India is the second most populous country in the world. India's population at the time of independence was 33 million, which has increased four times today. Main causes of Population Explosion are poor methods of family planning, illiteracy, lack of awareness of health, superstition and developmental imbalance. It is likely that by 2050, the country's population will become 1.6 billion. 

At present, India's population is 17.5 percent of the world's population. In terms of land, we have 2.5 percent of the land. 4 percent water resources. If we look at the fast growing population at present, the population of the world is growing by eight million people every year and its pressure is clearly on natural resources. Not only this, migration is also emerging as a problem in front of the world community, because of the Population Explosion (increasing population), people are forced to take shelter in other countries for basic amenities.

Overcoming the dangers of Population Explosion is not easy for any government. Our country India's population was approximately 33 million in 1947. Today the world's population is more than 7 billion. India's population growth rate was 17.64% in the last decade. Half of the world's population or say more than that lives in Asian countries. Due to lack of education and awareness in China, India and other Asian countries, serious threats of population explosion have started to appear clearly. The situation is that if India does not stop its population growth rate, then by 2030 it will become the most populous country. 

China is number one in the world due to its 1.3 billion population. On the other hand India is also number two in the world with its 1.35 billion population. Experts have expressed concern that if India's population continues to grow at this rate, then by 2030 it will get first place in the world. Various studies have shown that by 2025, India will overtake China and become the world's most populous country. Despite the fact the population policies, family planning and welfare programs have been started by the government and the rate of reproduction has decreased consistently. Due to high birth rate and better sanitation and healthcare, the mortality rate is the main reasons for high population growth rates.

Even today, a large number of girls are married in an age when they are not prepared for marriage either socially or emotionally or physically and mentally.
There is also a religious reason for Population Explosion, which is especially in the Muslims. Muslims believe that children are God's donations and Allah gives them risque (Dana-water of the age) along with them when they are born. This view is more powerful in the rural areas. But still, the important thing is that the Muslim fertility rate is also going down for the last few years. Overall, we just need to make our villages socially and economically strong and educationally so that they can develop an understanding of population controland help in preventing Population Explosion.

Those who are refugees in our country should also be interacted and sent back to their country. We should be alert and careful before the population displays a vivid form. We need to control population growth through education and law.

Reasons of Population Explosion in India
Agriculture-based country: India is an agricultural country, approximately 71% of its population live in villages. Most of them are uneducated. So they do not know the fatal consequences of creating more children, and there is a great reduction in mortality due to better medical services.

Belief: Most people in India consider children to be a gift of God and do not want to have a small family. As a result, they do not want contraceptive measures.

3. Child Marriage: Because of ignorance, illiteracy, and social maladministration, most people marry their children at a young age. Due to early marriage, children too are born soon.

4. Social security: In the absence of social beings and social security, ordinary people want a big family to get economic protection during old age, unemployment and accidents etc.

5. Misconception: Some people think that the number of people in the family will be as high as their income. This misconception leads to Population explosion.

6. Lack of patience: There is a lack of restraint and self control in Indian society. Marriage is considered to be very important in religious, social terms. If a boy or girl is not married then his life becomes curse in society.

7. Hot Climate: India's climate is hot. Hence, the children here receive a mature state in a short time. Due to hot climate, women have more fertility strength, this is also a key factor in population growth (population explosion).

8. The limited knowledge of family welfare, the arrival of refugees and the symbol of big family affair is also the reason for  Population Explosion.



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