Sunday, 5 May 2019

Essay on Our National Flag Tricolour

Essay on Our National Flag Tricolour

Our National Flag Tricolour or Tiranga is a fine 2:3 piece of cloth that keeps the masses of our nation united and is the true reflection of our unity in diversity. Our country where the language changes every two and a half miles, dozens of religions throng, dozens of cultures prosper , and the needs vary for numerous reasons is kept intact under this amazing symbol of unity.

Essay on Our National Flag Tricolour
Our Tricolour comprises of three horizontal stripes of three colours saffron on the top, white in the middle and green at the bottom. Saffron colour symbolizes self-sacrifice and valour, white colour symbolizes peace and goodwill, and green colour symbolizes fertility and progress. In the middle of the white stripe is a wheel with twenty-four spokes which stand for the twenty-four hours of the day, that symbolizes continuity for the nation.

Though this is our soul, yet there are certain restrictions that are imposed on its use. It is not allowed to be used for common everyday uses, basically for the fear that some people might show disrespect to it. No doubt, it is our national symbol and its honour must be preserved at all costs and times. But we must keep in mind various other factors too. The American citizens are allowed to unfurl and usb and national flag in any way they deem fit; they even consider it fit to wear it on their clothes and shoes, too. But no one has ever shown concern that it is being disrespected. Let us know that honor to a thing is shown by the heart and not by the external movements. Allowing our national flag to be used by the masses on common occasions would only make our citizens aware of the significance of the flag and they would take care to see that no disrespect is shown to it. It would reduce the incidences which are common on the national festivals when paper Tricolours can be seen littered on the street out of ignorance.

It is heartening to see the Tricolour being waved at the sports ground. It clearly shows that no colour can be better than the tricolor. There is no doubt that the decision of the central government to allow all India citizens to fly/hoist the national flag on their houses and business establishments is a welcome step. 



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