Thursday, 9 May 2019

Essay on My Ambition in life to become a Teacher

Essay on My Ambition in life to become a Teacher

People opt for one or the other profession according to their likings or means. The worshippers of wealth choose to be businessmen. The strong and sturdy prefer army to any other profession. Those who are argumentative and interpretative by nature, like to be lawyers. My ambition in life is to become a teacher. I wish the lady luck to smile on me and create favourable conditions for my ambition to become a reality However, it does not mean I am sitting idly and not making any effort for achieving my goal. I am trying by all means at my disposal to achiever my ambitious goal.

The choice of becoming a teacher is based on my long, minute observation of people from different walks of life. I believe that the teaching professional suits me the most. As my respected father is also a teacher, I have, perhaps, inherited certain innate qualities of a teacher. I have natural inclination towards this noble profession. I know that this calling is not going to make me rich, nor a popular or powerful person, but then, wealth alone is not everything in life!

My ambition is to serve my country and society in my own humble way. By becoming a teacher I shall give my motherland efficient and skilled professionals, and ideal and dedicated citizens. In my view, this is the most ideal profession, as the avenues of getting astray on account of greed or pressure in it are negligible I comparison to other professions. A good teacher serves not only himself, but also the society as well as the nation, without expecting any reward for his job.

I shall try to be an ideal guide, friend and a philosopher to my pupils. I shall kindle their souls by the lamp of knowledge and spirituality. My face shall beam with joy, when any of my students will follow true ideals of life, outshine others in one or the other fields, and dedicate himself for the well-being of others.

To stay in this profession, I need qualification as well as ability, which I am trying t gain under the experienced eyes of my father. He is guiding me how I can shine in this profession. I have already started to teach some students in the neighbourhood for free, so that I can polish my skills in the profession of my dreams.



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