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Essay on Imortance of Computer 600 Words

Essay on Imortance of Computer 600 Words

Computer has come to pervade all aspects of human life in entirely. You just name a field, and there can be found suitable computer applications for it. It has changed the human life like no other invention has done.

Etymologically, the word ‘computer’ is derived from the word ‘to compute’. In its initial stages it was a mechanism for speedy calculation of data. However, with every passing day, newer applications are found to the extent that it covers almost all fields of human activity. In other words, computer is an electronic device which can analyse the information according to the instructions and produce reliable output in least possible time.

A computer is used for four basic function-to input data, to store data, to process data and to get output. The most important feature of this mechanism is that it can be used for a variety of functions all at the same time.

Computers are of four kinds-super computer, mainframe computer, mini computer, and micro computer. The micro computer is further divided into four kinds-personal home computer, educational micro computer, personal computer, and laptop computer.

The four main parts of a computer are –CPU (Central Processing Unit), memory, input devices and output devices. There are two agents of computer- hardware and software. The two chief kinds of operating systems are-single user operating system and multi user operating system.

Computer began to acquire its present look during the Second World War when minute calculations were required to locate the enemy precisely and fire upon it. The former act could be performed with the help of a radar while the latter task was sought to be achieved with the help of a computer.

In the modern world, a computer is used in the fields of education-teaching and learning, weather forecasts, machine and building designs, spacecraft and aircraft trajectory, direction of terrestrial objects, launching of satellites, printing and publishing of books and magazines, reservation of seats in railways and other means of conveyance, preparing of letters and drafts in an office, communication, banking and accounting, scientific research, defence related uses, business, preparing of payrolls, control of inventory and management of personnel, production, census, payment of bills in different departments and many more fields. The invention of robot is a further step in the direction of life that was only a dream.

A computer is a great asset to man due to its various traits. It performs all the tasks entrusted to it at a rapid speed saving on manual labour. Moreover, its storage capacity is great while maintaining accuracy and reliability. A computer can be applied virtually in all field right from one’s kitchen to scientific laboratories. Its automatic function after suitable programming gives it an edge which can not only perform volumes of monotonous work but also can repeat them without an iota of boredom; and most importantly with diligence.

Computer has passed through four generations of development. Scientific are making efforts to invent the fifth generation computer. It is visualized that it would be a machine that would think and act just like man. So far, it can work according to the programme fed in it. But the fifth generation computer is expected to take independent decisions because of the artificial intelligence being developed for it.

A question is often asked-which is greater : man or computer? Let us not get trapped in this argument, because despite all the uses of computer, it would remain a machine which has been invented to help man in discharging his wide variety of functions. It can never replace man as it cannot think and feel. It has no place for sentiments. It can rely only on memory which is subservient to programmes. On the other hand, man is the creature that God Himself created so that life could go on. It is a sad fact that man has come to depend on computer to the extent that he himself now resembles a machine.



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