Sunday, 5 May 2019



My name is Indian Express. I was born in Bombay in 1857. Life is a long journey. When I look back, I feel contented at my achievements. I have seen the ups and downs of the independence struggle since its very inception. The famous news of all times ‘India Revolts’ was given by me in 1857. I was regularly mailed all over the country. That time I was priced at one paisa and was bought and read by all the educated, including the viceroys of India and Rajas, Maharajas, industrialists and army officers.

Many people loved me and kept me with care. On some occasions, I had to bear the brunt of protests. Sometimes I was put to fire by the people who disliked the bitter truth. I was sometimes torn and thrown out by the Englishmen who were angry with my sympathy for the Indian freedom fighters.

Initially I was printed on a letter press. Gradually the technology became faster with rotary printing press. Since last 20 years, I am being printed on an offset printing press, which is very fast. Starting from four pages at my birth, I have 16 to 24 pages now. Earlier I was completely black and white, but for last two decades, my face has changed as I have coloured prints and magazine sections. My circulation has gone up from mere four thousand copies to four lakh copies everyday. My editors and reporters have also gone through several phases of transition. From handwritten reports, they have changed to typewrite and now to compose on computers. They use satellite linked telex, fax and computer to generate news, stories and articles. 

Through my journey of over 100 years, I have lived to see great events, wars, revolutions, epidemics, calamities and moments of joys. I have seen the rise and fall of many empires and governments and birth of many nations. I have witnessed men going to moon and space ships going into the space. I am aged, but not at all old. I have been credited to help in shaping the future of mankind. This is my ambition and mission. ‘Let the truth prevail’ is my motto.

With the spread of education, my importance has increased by leaps and bounds. Everybody wants to read me. Those who cannot tread themselves, want others to read me out to them. I am now published in English, Hindi, Urdu and in many other regional languages of the country. I am read with great interest by everybody. I exercise a profound influence on the minds of the people.

The most important function of mine is to bring to people news from all over the world. News is my chief interest. I tell the people what is happening not only in our country but also in other countries of the world. Without me, the people would be like a frog in the well, totally unaware of the outside world.

I am also an important means of advertisement. I help trade and commerce. If a trader or an industrialist wants to increase the turn-over of his business, he can do so by advertising his wares or services on me. I also help the employees and employers through the ‘anted column’. A large number of advertisements of different kinds is a clear proof of my popularity.

However, there are some drawbacks with me as well. Some political parties want to use me as a means of their propaganda. Often such comments and views are expressed through me which confuse and misguide the people. Some pieces of news are distorted and twisted. At other times, they stir up class hatred. The misuse of mine at the hands of leaders has led to agitations in different parts of the country. Some people publish such advertisements which deceive and cheat the people and corrupt the taste. But these disadvantages are nothing in comparison with my manifold advantages I am really useful to the people. This is the reason that I continue to rule the heart of the people.



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