Wednesday, 10 April 2019

The Saddest Day of My Life Paragraph

The Saddest Day of My Life Paragraph
Recollection of childhood is sweet. But sometimes sad thoughts get the upper hand in our mind and make us feel morose. However, I can never forget one particular sad experience. It was the day on which I lost my private tutor. He used to come in the evening. He was a lively young man who taught with a mission. Of course, he charged fee since it was his livelihood, but he taught the way nobody could. Whatever he taught got fixed in the mind. One evening I sat in the study room waiting for him. He was unusually late that day. I looked at the wall clock again and again. Suddenly Papa entered the room. He looked tense and dismayed. He told me that my tutor had met with a serious accident and was admitted in a hospital. We at once rushed to the hospital. But alas! He was no more. He had already breathed his last. His death was a irrecoverable loss to me. He was a friend, philosopher and guide to me. I cried inconsolably, but we cannot have control over fate. I had no courage to look at my dead tutor. Even to this day, I can remember his lovely way of teaching blended with jokes and comments. May his soul rest in peace!
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