Wednesday, 3 April 2019

Short Paragraph Positive thinking

Short Paragraph Positive thinking

It is our way of thinking that makes us good or evil. A person with positive ideas does positive things in life. He thinks in terms of goodness and for the welfare of fellow-beings, society and mankind at large. On the other hand, a person with negative thoughts thinks now he can derive maximum benefit through his mischief by making others suffer. A positive thinker ascends the heights of fame and is remembered years after he ceases to live. On the other hand, an evil person is despised of by the contemporary people even, let alone the generations that follow. Even Hitler had to possess positive thoughts to ascend to the chancellorship of Germany, only then his negative thoughts brought misery to the world and he made mankind suffer which ultimately brought his downfall. Ravana too registered his name is the epics on the strength of the good qualities he possessed. The only thing was the misused them. Positive thinking entails that one should think for good things and employs his prowess in striving to achieve what is good and noble. A person of a positive bend of mind finds everything around him well disposed and the succeeds whatever he does, but on the other hand, a person with a negative bend of mind may succeed for a while, but he finds nothing but harm done to himself and the society.



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