Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Short Paragraph on Rainy Season in English language

Short Paragraph on Rainy Season in English language 

India, being an agricultural country, welcomes rains. The rainy season brings a welcome relief to man and nature after the prolonged summer season. The rains set in normally in the last week of June and continue by the middle of September. The monsoon brings rain. This season gives soothing relief to the sun-burnt earth. Fed by rainwater, trees and plants put forth new leaves and look lively, green and gay. Farmers make most of the rains by sowing new crops. In short, the rainy season is the harbinger of hope and prosperity. But like everything else, this season who too has its dark untold suffering to the mankind. Heavy rains cause landslides and disrupt vital services such as transport and communication. Besides, there is a possibility of the outbreak of epidemics in the stagnant water. In fact, the dark side of the rainy season is not the nature’s doing, it is our inability to cope with the excessive rainwater, especially when we know that the rainy season occurs in particular months of the year. We have to show our will-power to make adequate provisions so as to minimize the ill-effects of excessive rains.



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