Wednesday, 3 April 2019

Short Paragraph on Prejudice for Students

Short Paragraph on Prejudice for Students

Prejudice is the inability of unwillingness to look beyond the narrow viewpoint. A prejudiced mind is limited to the narrow realm and does not see the world beyond its selfish interest. Prejudice pollutes a person’s perception and compels the psyche to act in a particular way without rhyme or reason. It can go to the extent of meting out injustice because he may be bent upon doing good to one at the cost of another. Prejudice becomes an irritant. It disallows the mind to look towards various phenomena and causes to arrive at a particular decision. We have been suffering from prejudice in our social life to a great extent. We find prejudice being exercised in schools and homes, government offices and political leaders, and everywhere else. It would be a folly if we too follow this path to the detriment of society any further. Let prejudices of all kinds take to perennial slumber and let the unbiased mind take over to make use of fruits of knowledge.



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