Monday, 29 April 2019

Short Paragraph on Popular Entertainment

Short Paragraph on Popular Entertainment

Entertainment is an integral part of our daily life. After daylong work we avidly seek entertainment. It removes our boredom and boosts up our energy. Life without entertainment would be dull and dreary. The type of entertainment depends on the nature of a person. For one person, watching television or a drama is enough entertainment. While for another, rock-climbing, travelling and practicing a hobby are true forms of entertainment. Different mass media like radio Cinema, television etc. are a source of entertainment. Besides cultural programmes, fairs and festivals are important sources of entertainment. Today television plays a vital role in providing recreation to us. Owing to its audio-visual advantage, it has gained advantage over other media. Cinema and radio are also powerful mass media that offer diversion of different dimensions. Cultural functions like dramas, dances, circus shows and sports meets draw many people from their routine life. In fact, all these sources of entertainments add joy and variety to our life and give us fresh impetus to work zealously.



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