Monday, 22 April 2019

Short Paragraph on Noise pollution

Short Paragraph on Noise pollution

Noise pollution means harmful or annoying levels of noise. it is one of the most serious evils that have been plaguing our life in different manifestations. It is a veritable nuisance to the urban people in particular. Noise pollution is mainly caused by the blowing horns of the automobiles, reckless use of loudspeakers and the bursting of crackers. Over-population and industrialization accelerate the rate of noise pollution. Aeropanes too have a share in noise pollution in the affected zones. Environmentalists repeatedly warm us about the ‘epidemic of nervous disorder’ to be caused by noise pollution. We can already find more and more people suffering from depression, and noise pollution is one of its important causes. But we pay little heed to their words. The Supreme Court has passed a directive to limit the level of noise pollution. The Parliament too has enacted a law by which horns cannot be blared long after evening hours. But these laws and rules are observed more in breach than in observance. Hence public awareness along with strict enforcement of law can only curb the menace of noise pollution.



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