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Short Paragraph on My Favourite Teacher

Short Paragraph on My Favourite Teacher

During my student life, I have come into close contact with many teachers. They have taught me with loving care. But my favourite teacher remains Mrs. Mukta Jain. She is My favourite teacher because she has An Engaging Personality, Effective Discipline Skill and knowledge of Subject Matter. She is the Principal of my school. As I can think, she is born teacher. She possesses a commanding personality. She has sterling qualities of head and heart. I have never felt bored up in her class. Her way of teaching is highly interesting. She boosts up the confidence of all students in the class. She is never a pedantic. She feels for every student. She stands by them in their trouble. All students and teachers of our school respect her. She is morally pure and perfect. Once I fell ill. She came to my house to see me and there she prayed for my recovery. Such a gesture in the days of moral decay can hardly by expected. All this explains why I admire and adore her. I promise to mould myself according to her high ideals. Personally I am grateful to her.
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