Friday, 26 April 2019

Short Paragraph on Leisure in English

Short Paragraph on Leisure in English

Leisure has become a precious commodity these days. Modern technology should have in fact given us more time to enjoy as we can do our jobs more quickly, but just the reverse has happened. We have assumed such tasks which have made us all the busier. All work and no play makes jack a dull boy, and just this has happened to the modern man. Continuous work and its resultant stress and strain affect an individual awfully. He seeks rest and relief from the regular routine. His hard work deservers leisure, which rejuvenates him. It soothes his mind and body and refreshes him. It gives him a new lease of life. However, leisure does not mean laziness or lying in the bed watching television all the time. A person who works sincerely can enjoy his leisure fruitfully. It boosts up his spirit and makes him more enterprising. So, leisure is not only entertaining but also invigorating. An individual may enjoy his leisure time in many different ways. He is his own master in this regard. But misuse of leisure is not desirable. Leisure time is best suited for practicing a hobby, visiting friends and relatives, reading books and giving time to the mind to recoup.



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