Sunday, 7 April 2019

Short Paragraph on India of my Dream

Short Paragraph on India of my Dream

India is my motherland. I am proud to be an India. Once, she was at the zenith of civilization. Her glory chiefly rests on her heritage and culture, her spirit of non-violence and universal brotherhood. However, I am deeply pained at the sorry state of affairs that are unfolding in my motherland. But this creates a resolve in my heart to rebuild her into a better India. Let me imagine the form of India of my dream. My India will be free from the problems of overpopulation and corruption, unemployment and illiteracy, pollution and crime, casteism and superstition. The citizens of my dreamland would be educated and enlightened, ever ready to lend their helping hand to all those who are needy and suffering. They will be secular in word and deed. My India will uphold the spirit of unity in diversity in true sense of the word. She will lead the rest of the world towards a fuller and richer life.



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