Tuesday, 2 April 2019

Short Paragraph on Indecision

Short Paragraph on Indecision

The greatest impediment in man’s life is not external, rather it is internal. And you might know, it is man’s greatest enemy too. A person who has resolved to do something, there is nothing under the sun which can stop him from achieving it. Tenzing would not have scaled Mount Everest but for his resolve. Gandhiji would not have begot India her freedom but for his determination. One who is of two minds cannot decide which way to go unless he casts away his shackles and decides to follow either of the two. Lack of prudence may be bad, but presence of indecision is the worst. A person of two minds remains stationary at his own place. It is the desire first that motivates one to perform, and perform better. The wisest man is the one who widely consults, resolves firmly, executes his task with flexible perseverance, remains firm in the face of difficulties and opposition; and then he becomes the one who scales the heights, and no height is too high for a man who has made up his mind.
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