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Short Paragraph on An Ideal Teacher

Short Paragraph on An Ideal Teacher

An ideal teacher is a divine blessing for the society. He/she devotes heart and soul to teaching and career-building of his pupils. Teaching has been one of the noblest professions since time immemorial. A teacher plays in important role in carving out the future citizens of nation. Naturally the must possess some qualities of head and heart so that he can exert abiding impacts on the minds of the students. A good teacher is at first a zealous learner. He has thorough knowledge of the subject he teaches. His mastery over the subject gives him an edge over others of his ilk. He must be able to create interest in his students in the subject. But mere intellectual nurture will not help. It requires the knowledge of psychology so that the most suitable method of teaching can be adopted. An ideal teacher is there to mould the personality of a student in the direction which makes him an able citizen and successful professional. He must be a well-rounded personality. He is required to possess qualities like patience, self-discipline, instructional skills and organizing ability. And more important than all other qualities, he must be morally pure and perfect. When I look for an ideal teacher around myself, I find Mr. A. Sharma of my school replete with all these qualities which an ideal teacher ought to have. He is a living example of an ideal teacher.
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