Tuesday, 2 April 2019

Short Paragraph on Hospitality

Short Paragraph on Hospitality

Man is a social being. He cannot live without company. He loves to receive others and be received by others and be received by others at social functions and at homes. Our country has always been famous for its hospitality. Hospitality blossoms in the core of every heart. In the urban areas, due to lack of space in the streets and lack of time in their daily activity, people have hardly any time to meet strangers. Though a change is perceptible in the rural areas, yet we can still see that many people partake of food sitting outside their houses or shops and they invite almost every known person passing by. In the ancient time, when hospitality industry had not developed as it is today and finding of hotels, even restaurants, was difficult, people relied on the hospitality of the people in the places that fell enroute. This feeling has not been the preserve of any one community. A guest is considered as great as God Himself, and is respected with all means available at the host’s disposal, and this profound feeling makes this world a proper place to inhabit.
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