Wednesday, 3 April 2019

Short Paragraph on Critics are Your Best Friend

Short Paragraph on Critics are Your Best Friend

A true friend is a person who points out shortcomings of his friends. A person should beware of the person who feigns himself to be a friend but hesitates to advise on the proper course of action. A critic is in fact a true friend, because he criticizes a person’s action or behaviour, and makes him look at the state of things with a new vision. He does it so that such shortcomings and mistakes can be avoided in future. However, all critics cannot be said to be friends, because many of them could be cooking their own selfish broth. It is because of the reason that every criticism should be judged with a rational mind before accepting or discarding it. However, one thing is clear. A person who criticizes another, not before him but others, cannot be a true critic, and hence cannot be a true friend, and you must be aware of him.



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