Monday, 1 April 2019

Short Paragraph on Contentment is Happiness

Short Paragraph on Contentment is Happiness

Contentment is a relative term and depends on one’s social and economic status. It means the level at which a person would feel self-satisfied. It is a great moral virtue. It is often an inborn quality. It is the source of happiness in life. There is no limit to desires of man. He desires to achieve more and more in life. An insatiable hunger urges him to grasp and grab what all he can. However, there is a difference between contentment and greed. Contentment means to be happy with one’s achievements while continuing to make effort for further achievements; while greed is dissatisfaction with the present with a desire to have more and more whether a person is eligible for it or not. Contentment is expression of joy; on the other hand, greed is an expression of dissatisfaction despite the level of accomplishment. A contented man starts a fresh journey to the newer avenues after he as achieved one. He may or may not achieve the newer goals, yet he will not be disturbed, because his contentment makes him happy. We must accept misfortune or failure with a calm mind. On the other hand, greed makes a person restless. He bleeds and finds life a burden. Therefore, contentment has to be inculcated to some extent, though it is an innate virtue.
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