Monday, 22 April 2019

Short Paragraph on Afforestation

Short Paragraph on Afforestation

Afforestation means the act or process of establishing a forest especially on land not previously forested. Life cannot be imagined in the absence of trees, as they are the source of food for us all. They are a part and parcel of life. All life forms owe their existence to them, directly or indirectly. They release life-giving oxygen in the air and absorb poisonous carbon dioxide. We enjoy their fruits and flowers. They offer us cool shade and refreshing rain. They supply us with life-saving medicines. They prevent soil erosion, check floods and guard us against pollution. Thus, trees maintain the ecological balance. But it is a pity that trees are felled indiscriminately everyday. Due to our encroachment upon the plant kingdom, pollution is on the rise and the threat of global warming is about to destroy the eco-balance. Global warming and greenhouse effect are the net outcome of deforestation. Obviously, large scale afforestation is the need of hour. It includes the preservation of trees, in addition to plantation of trees. Everybody should come forward to plant more and more trees in order to ensure the continuity of life on the earth. All social occasions, including birthdays and marriage anniversaries should be enjoyed by planting of trees.



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