Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Short Essay on One day cricket match

Short Essay on One day cricket match

The passion and thrill associated with one-day cricket is so invigorating that people forget to do anything else but get stuck to the television screen. The roads and markets give a deserted look on a day when India is at play, especially against a rival like Pakistan or a strong contender like Australia. A win or defeat on the sports ground is felt almost like the one actual battle. Modern one-day cricket is certainly in stark contrast to the old test cricket which hardly attracts spectators, mainly because of absence of surety of result and long-drawn play over five days. The players too have to play under stress as the hopes and aspirations of one billion people make them do better, or even compel which was at display in the recent World Cup campaign that took India to the final despite the initial shaky start. The result you all know for yourself. Today Sachin Tendulkar is looked upon as a god, and more people throng to see the cricket stars when they visit a town. People conduct religious performances, seek blessings from the prophets and visit the religious places desiring for victory. The craze is so high that many people have broken their television sets in frustration when the team lost, or people showered unprecedented amount of money on the cricketers to applaud them for their win. Cricket is surely a religion these days, at least in this part of the world.
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