Saturday, 6 April 2019



Life is the sum of hours and days, but it is not measured by the number of years a person lives in the world; rather it is measured by the quality of work that he does in life. If a person spends a long life of hundred years in idleness, we cannot call his life worth living. It is not the number of years but the deeds done in life that count, irrespective of the fact whether life is short or long. Length of life does not make somebody’s life perfect and bette. It is always judged by noble deeds. A short life of grace and beauty is better than long life of no accomplishments.

Everybody wants to live long. But a long life is useless if it is spent in idleness. A life, whether long or short, is good enough and worth living if it is spent in doing good work. It is better to burn for a moment and give the world light than to keep throwing smoke for hours on end. Vivekananda, Jesus Christ, Alexander, Kennedy and Keats lived for short time. But what they achieved during a short duration of life, cannot be imagined even by the people who attain a very long life. Bhagat Singh, Chandra Shekhar Azad and Rajiv Gandhi achieved what remains a dream to even the centuries.

The first thing to live life in essence is to act. A person’s life must be full of action. He should be ready to face hardships if he wants to shine in the world. He must avoid a life of ease and comfort. An idle life is not worth living. An idle person thinks more and does nothing. His mind remains vacant. He does not want to take responsibility. A person who acts becomes a powerful person. A person who assumes responsibilities becomes a powerful person, as other people look to him as the harbinger and guide. He leads the world and shines like a star in the horizon.

A person should follow some ideals in life. It is necessary to have an ideal to make life worth living. A person must act to realize his ideal. All great people have worked towards their ideals and achieved greatness. Gandhi and George Washington had the ideal of serving their motherland. Keats wanted to shine in the field of English Poetry. His ideals inspired him to get success in life. Shiv Nadar wanted to be an entrepreneur, and the he has left behind others in this endeavour. Sachin Tendulkar is a shining star in the world of cricket only due to his objectives and ideals.

However, the ideal must be positive. A negative ideal, like that of Hitler, can do nothing but bring harm to the world and mankind.

Our life is short, but we have to do a lot of work. We cannot afford to waste even a single moment. We must pass every moment of life in action. We must live in deeds, and not in years.



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