Sunday, 7 April 2019

Paragraph on Twenty-20 Cricket

Paragraph on Twenty-20 Cricket

T-20 cricket is an interesting and exciting version of cricket. It is likely to eclipse the popularity of test cricket and one-day cricket. The increasing popularity of T-20 cricket proves that the spirit of the age claims this new genre of game. In This age, a 50-over match seems time consuming and a bit boring. Hence giving a new shape to the game is necessary. T-20 wonderfully meets the claims of the age. The very essence of T-20 lies in quick encounters, aggression and frequent upsets. The teams contesting the game must be able to fight the opponents back. Speed is the soul of the game. It has endeared it to masses. The highly technical and delicate art of the game of bygone era is gone. Now starts the process of democratization in cricket. Let us all welcome the new genre of cricket. Long live Twenty-20!
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