Tuesday, 9 April 2019

Paragraph on True Friendship

Paragraph on True Friendship

It is always difficult to find a true friend. It is truly said that mostly friends can only be made in childhood or adolescence, the so-called friends in youth or older age are more of colleagues than friends. It is not necessary that a person can have only another person as his true friend. A friend could as well be woman, a dog woman, a dog or an inanimate thing like a book, Gandhiji said that wife is a young man’s friend, middle-aged man’s companion and old man’s nurse. A true friend is the one who does not desert in distress. Truly said that a friend in need is a friend indeed. He comes to help when he is needed the most. A true friend can sacrifice his own comfort, money and even himself for the cause of friendship. This is why it is called a quality divine.

Paragraph on The art of making friends

The art of making friends is as old as history. Each one of us craves for company. Each one wants a bosom friend.

If you are selfless and good at heart, you will attract people around you. They will like your company. You are an ideal friend for them. Have a good store of knowledge, be helpful in the woes of everyone, and then you will have no dearth of friends. Some will come to you for advice; others will take advantage of your knowledge. Soon you will be the well-wisher of all. Be a good Talker as well as a good listener. Have patience. Learn the art of good conversation. But be very judicious in the matter of choosing friend. He, who at once becomes very sweet and friendly, is to be taken and accepted with care and caution. He may deceive you. He may leave you in the lurch. He is not trustworthy. That is why it has been said that old friends are worthy of friendship. Others may play false with you but you must be true to your friends. Your sincerity will bear fruit of everlasting virtue. Learn to give something and do not expect anything in return



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