Wednesday, 3 April 2019

Paragraph on Tradition and Modernity

Paragraph on Tradition and Modernity

Tradition and modernity are, in fact, two sides of the same coin, and opposed to each other, as is sometimes perceived. Anything traditional is meant to have orthodox outlook-in education, in thinking, in behaviour, in beliefs and in social relationships. On the other hand, modernity stands for everything that is considered modern-scientific discoveries, fashion, modern appliances, and most significantly, breaking away from customary outlook and anything looking like old. It has resulted in sea change in lifestyle of the modern man-in clothes, in behaviour, in thinking, in social customs and restrictions, and observance of law too. At times we find tradition and modernity coming into conflict with each other. Modernity tends to ridicule everything that is traditional; while there are votaries of tradition who are bent upon imposing their will on the society, especially the youth. When tradition takes the form of fundamentalism, it takes an ugly turn, because it violates the rights of people, especially women. Change is the name of life, and any stationary stagnant tradition is bound to rot. Tradition must come forward to embrace modernity in its fold, else it would be rendered meaningless. Most of the times, judicious mix of tradition with modernity will do the most suitable thing to every person in the society.
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