Monday, 1 April 2019

Paragraph on Tolerance Towards Others

Paragraph on Tolerance Towards Others

Tolerance is the noblest value. It finds a foremost place in the life of man and society. It is the capacity to adjust with adverse circumstances or accept even unfavourable comments from others. The happiness of a family largely rests upon the tolerant attitude of its members. Same is the case with all others aspects of life in school, in society and at work. A society is formed of people of different castes, creeds and classes. They may possess varying tastes and opinions, Manners and rituals. This variety embedded in tolerance is the very strength of the society. It is to be kept in mind that cultivation of tolerance is the first condition of a happy social life. If we are not rational and objective, we cannot accept the opposite views of the other people. All social institutions break down in the absence of tolerance. Intolerance breeds stagnancy in life. In our country tolerance is badly needed. Religious intolerance has already taken a toll of human lives. It raises its ugly head often and threatens our very integrity. We must be aware of it.
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