Sunday, 14 April 2019

Paragraph on Time is gold

Paragraph on Time is gold

Time is gold is a proverb which means time is as important and precious as gold. Money and health once lost can be recovered to a great extent if not fully; however time once lost cannot be recovered under any circumstances. Man is endowed with a limited time in his lifetime. He is the architect of his own future. If he makes a proper division of his time and does his duty accordingly, he is sure to improve and prosper in life. But if he chooses to turn his back upon, he is bound to repent at leisure. Time brings opportunities, and the passing time makes them slip out. When the opportune time has passed, man can do nothing but cry over its loss, once again wasting the precious time at his disposal. After all, our life is a sum total of hours and minutes, and wasting it is like committing culpable homicide. Youth is the prime time of one’s life; it is the morning of one’s life. If it is wasted, it is equal to wasting the morning hours after which the whole day turns into a dull time. If time of youth is wasted, its consequences can be easily imagined. It is the time when one’s personality is moulded, so only Carlyle termed this period as the seedtime of life. We enjoy the fruits of youth later in life, so we should carefully make optimum use of it.



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