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Paragraph on Prize distribution ceremony in School

Paragraph on Prize distribution ceremony in School

The annual prize distribution ceremony in our school is a source of delightful excitement to all students. We await the day when a host of colourful events take place. Prizes are given to those who get top positions in classes and annual sports meet. Prizes are also given for such activities, as for most attendances, most disciplined boy, most obedient boy etc. On the occasion of the last prize distribution ceremony in our school, a large and beautiful stage was erected in the school playground. Distinguished guests, educationists, guardians and well-wishers of the school were invited. The Principal, teachers and students received them cordially. The students staged a variety of cultural performances to begin with the programme. The guests delivered impressive speeches and wished students success in life. Finally came the moment of prize distribution. The names of prize-winners were announced one by one, who went up the stage and received the prizes from the dignitaries. The audience cheered them up by clapping. The entire ceremony was full of fun and joy. We heartily enjoyed the whole day.
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