Tuesday, 9 April 2019

Paragraph on The Noblest Quality

Paragraph on The Noblest Quality 

The noblest quality, according to Swami Vivekananda, is the ability to recognize one’s own week points and the ability to admire the strong points of others. It hardly matters where you find a good quality in your neighborhood, in another country, in an enemy-the best way is to adapt it. Those who stick to their demerits when they could have changed them into better qualities are depriving themselves the benefit that could have made a significant change in their life. “Rise”, says the Geeta, “and embrace the qualities which are noble and shun the qualities that hinder your progress.” The difference between a great man and an ordinary man is not that of physique but of quality. Gandhiji would have been a person hardly known to anyone because of his frail body and ordinary qualities in the initial period of his life, but he learned good qualities from others and fought on the strength of these qualities and brought us independence. The case of other great men is no different. If we want ourselves to become great, we would have to weed out bad qualities and learn good qualities.
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