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Paragraph on My First day at School

Paragraph on My First day at School

There are some special moments in life which we fondly nurture in our memory. My first day at school was one such event. It was a remarkable day in my life. After I grew to school-going age, my parents decided to send me to a primary school in the neighbourhood. I was a bit nervous at first. Father took me to school. The school building was small but beautiful. The Headmaster was in his office. He asked my name and a few questions. He seemed satisfied with my answers. I was admitted to the nursery class. Soon after Father departed leaving me all alone in a strange world. I felt lonely in the midst of my classmates. But soon my fear and loneliness were overcome. A boy of my class became my friend. We talked a lot. After some time, a teacher entered the class. She was a beautiful young woman with a pleasing personality. She taught us how to sing a rhyme and dance to it. Then she taught us how to play with the toys available in the nursery. Before the class was over, she told us a story. After the school was over, I walked to the gate. There I found Mother waiting outside. I introduced her to my new friend. This was a nice experience which was bound to put me on the path to a fine career.
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